monjour encore, our final album, yours to download

On the 10th anniversary of its original release, we present our final gift to all of our fans and the rest of the world. This is a complete revision of our debut album, with brand new mixes and versions of every single original track, and three new tracks added in. 

It’s a musical journey across continents, and unashamedly 420 kind of album, taking you from Africa to the USA, to the quaint English countryside and back out to the Middle East, even with a jaunt to space. 

Each track is mastered in full 24 bit scale for a wide, expansive and dynamic sound. 

And best of all, it’s yours to own for the price you want to name. If that price is free then that’s ok too. 

  • A brand new remix with only the original vocal remaining
  • Extended for the dance floor
  • Very, very trippy
  • And some Busby Berkeley too!

Supernature Trippy Cover and Video

Maybe a bit too upbeat and loud for the average Anawaty/Russell listener, but here goes.

Want to experience something trippy and kaleidoscopic?

Here’s something we put together during downtime. Inspired by Gaspar Noé’s Climax, we covered classic disco hit Supernatural. Now it’s a ten minute trance dance floor filler, using only the Acapella original vocals. Then we liked it so much that we decided to make a very trippy video about it.

See if you can spot and identify some of the public domain movies in this, including Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls and Nosferatu. 

Some of the mix methodology we’re using for our latest project

There’s a new project coming out soon from us, which has been mixed by Paul in the KL studio. Here he talks about some of the methodology he has been using in the mix. 

The pic on the right is a thumbnail of a full 4K shot of the desktop during one of the mixes, a new song called Tomorrow is Today’s Dream. To see the full size 3840 * 2160 7.2MB version, click the thumbnail. 

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Reach Out – helping the KL homeless

Reach Out is non-Government Organisation (NGO) that exists purely on charitable donations and volunteers. Every night they carry out forays into the city of KL, bringing food, assistance and medical attention to the unfortunate of the city.

This is their story. Some of our music from Analog Universe is featured during its telling. 


Meet a GEnuine American Genius

Around August 2012, travelling from LA to Portland on his way to mix Analog Universe in Cass’s studio, Paul dropped in on an American icon, Gene Parsons. 

Gene’s first glimpse of fame came as drummer of The Byrds during their heyday. Now he makes custom guitars fitted with his own invention, the B-Bender. 

Paul ordered a Fender Tele with a B-Bender and then, five months and 33,000 miles later, he came back to collect it. Spend a little time with this charming man and learn about his craft, his music and his warm personality.